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 Episode-5 Reviews

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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:59 am

Another awesome episode with some pretty good performances by Rajeev and Kritka.
Kabir has flashed the news of actress Nidhi Rane who is accused of some serious charges. Ananya is not happy with this and decides to get Nidhi's statement on her own. Finally Kabir confronts Ananya and whoa what a scene! Some drama some beautifully penned dialogues and great chemistry. Kabir asks Ananya to follow his order and that he was not interested in Nidhi's statement. All that bothered to him was his channel's ratings but Ananya decides to have Nidhi's statement for she feels once she gets her statement Kabir will appreciate her work and also this will help Nidhi to put forth her side. 
Meanwhile Kabir asks his team to run news about Nidhi and research more about her and keep it going as this news gave his channel pretty good ratings. Manav as always was not happy and opposes to this but all in vain. Before meeting Kabir was seen talking to someone about getting some footage regarding the whole Nidhi Rane campaign. This to me looks fishy. May be our hero is upto something. May be he will have some footage which will show Nidhi's truth or something that sort. 

With help of her leads and some people Ananya gets into the remand home and reach out to Nidhi and manages to get her statement which she than hands it to Kabir. Ananya is quite happy but Kabir is amazed or rather in a surprised state. 

The episode ended at quite an interesting mode. Waitng to see what will be Kabir's reaction to Ananya now that she has gone ahead and got the statement inspite Kabir's forewarning. The precap has increased the excitement level and its really hard to predict what will follow next. 

Episode rating: 4/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:53 pm

Indeed the episode was quite gripping. The best part of the episodes so far is that it has managed to retain the viewers attention. No where at any point we feel bore, infact 30 mins just seems so little for this show. 

The KaYa scene was simply superb and yes both looked simply superb. Whosoever is their stylist has done a remarkable job. Loved the way Ananya disguised her self as one of the worker and reached to the remand home. She looked wow in that getup too. And that brave girl inspite of a strict NO she went ahead with her decision and got the statement of Nidhi Rane. Not only that she gave that recorded statement to Kabir. Wonder what will Kabir do now. 

But yes even I feel Kabir is upto something with that phone call prior to his staff meeting. May be he will have some more big breaking news.
Loving Rajeev as Kabir, he is simply too good. That attitude with a pinch of arrogance is just perfect! 

Ratings for this episode: 4/5
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Group- Rajeevianz

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:40 pm

Superb episode:blushing:blushing Love the convo between Kabir & Ananya. Both of them are sharp and determined. They are surely gonna rock working together:winking:winking Rajeev and Kritika are so convincing in their character that its almost that we forget that the show is fictional. 
Loved Ananya in her dabba girl look. She was really cute there:boogie:

My rating- 3.5/4
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:34 pm

Rocking episode. I am completely Cleaned bowled dancing dancing dancing I wish I had a boss like Kabir., Yar agar boss aisa ho to office se koi ghar hi na jaye.I am so jealous of Ananya chainsaw

I am really impressed with Ananya. She manages to to get any news from anywhere. She will surely be Kabir's favorite in the coming time. I am waiting for today's episode to see Kabir's reaction on Nidhi Rane's statement. 

Its all kabir kabir at KKN, He is the new hero of the channel. I am sure once he gets the footage he is waiting for, every one will be in his aww including Ananya. 

Over all the episode was awesome but I am still waiting for that one excitement level and passion that we all saw in the promos.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:53 pm

So, Every one is liking the show! awesome. I am happy that finally we have something different to watch on the television. Coming to the episode-
Loved it, no doubt! Kabir is the perfect face for KKN right now. But at times his innovative ideas doesn't sound so innovative. I mean making avis instead of reading news, pannel discussion, sms poll? Today everyone is doing this and if all this is new for KKN then we have an answer to why the TRPs are low of this channel. 
 Ananya is a very bright and promising reporter but as Kabir said she lacks discipline. when Kabir was already working on Nidhi Rane's news piece why did Ananya have to interfere in that? Even reporters have some work ethics right?
Waiting for today's episode to see Kabir's reaction.

All the actors are good in their character especially the lead pair, they are brilliant. My only problem with Rajeev is his dialogue delivery, its not clear. His dialogues are hardly audible and difficult to understand as they are not clear. 

As I said, I love the show and really looking forward to see Kabir and Ananya's chemistry 

My ratings- 3/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:03 pm

Kabirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr love struck love struck love struck love struck love struck I love this show. Everything in this show is great. Kabir love struck love struck his sttitude love struck love struck his confidence, everything is simply woow!

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-5 Reviews   

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Episode-5 Reviews
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