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 Episode- 9 Reviews

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PostSubject: Episode- 9 Reviews   Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:41 pm


Now that’s what I call a rocking episode. typerhappy typerhappy Today’s episode started with a blast and ended with a victory. Ananya is successful proving herself to Kabir, her idol while Kabir is all the way more amused to see her behaving like that. At some places you actually feel that Kabir knows that Ananya is up to something, he can actually read that mischief on her face, on the other hand Ananya will simply not stop embarrassing him.' Bracelet yad tha?"I mean she was literally blabbering anything without thinking. Loved Kabir's I know what you are up to look for Ananya.

So now even Malbika is mad on Kabir, surprise surprise thank god for that else I had this feeling that she will never stop staring him and be in his awe. hee hee hee hee The most entertaining scene was that of Mr. Johnny Bravo and KKN's Saas. The way Khalid stared at him, when he left Kabir's office, was priceless. laughing laughing Too Good. And finally Kabir's star reporter comes back with a blast, a national Scandal.
For me today's episode was a complete entertainer with all the right elements in it. Perfect pace perfect emotions, perfect expressions and perfect sequences. Can't stop drooling on the hot Editor-in-chief of KKN. party party

Rating- 4.5/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:20 am

True that! Today's episode was awesome. I am loving Kabir and Ananya's scenes especially the one where Ananya stops Kabir from entering the green room. Kabir's amazed look and Ananya's madness was superb! She actually keeps mentioning about her bracelets and poor Kabir is so embarrased with this. Full on fun and madness. 
Ananya finally got her way through the sting operation. Brave girl! But yeh toh hona hi tha. After all she had to prove herself to Kabir. 
Rest of the characters are good too. Khalid just never stops giving those confused and amusing looks while Mr Manav continues his anti Kabir campaign. 

It was a superb episode and so entertaining. But precap seems way too good. Kabir will now expose this selector guy. Happy with the way the makers are tapping these kind of subjects with a pinch of entertainment to it.

Ratings for todays episode: 4/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:51 pm

Ananya was simply too good in the episode. She has once again proved herself but that madness what she did was so so much the typical Ananya type.
As Kabir says 'yeh puri pagal ho gayi hai..' lol!!! And that staircase scene was so too cute with Ananya mentioning about Kabir noticing her bracelets..lolll!!! Kabir's expressions were too good. 

The precap was more exciting and Kabir is out there ready to expose this guy. This one will be something worth waiting for. Oh I just love you Kabir. 

Full marks to Kabir and Ananya in this one.

Ratings: 4.5/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:02 pm

Today episode was nice. Kabir looked so handome and all his scenes were so awesum. Thursday episode he was shown so little but im happy this episode had only kabir. 10/10 for him
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:07 pm

Not that fond of Kabir and Ananya pairing as at times I don't like Ananya. Does not look real to me while Kabir is awesome. His individual scenes are really great. 

I love all scenes where Kabir instructs his staff to do away with the news and the way he twists the news and exposes the wrong doings of any person.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:04 pm

Can't believe what happened in today's episode. I mean it was WooW! Ananya was great today and the over excitement she was showing in last few episodes was justified today. Kabir being Kabir won't stop giving looks to her but what else was he supposed to do? Ananya was blabbering all around without reason and was coming in his way. Even I loved the I know you are up to something look on Kabir's face woo hoo woo hoo .  Specially when Ananya stopped him from entering the green room. He Knows her too well to believe in her stupid stories. But Miss. Kashyap once again embarrasses him. winking winking  The How could you say that look on Kabir's face was priceless at times I felt Kabir is going to scream at her really hard. But the Sauve Editor-in-chief upheld his character and was so much patient with her.

What was most interesting was the Precap. I loved the anger on Kabir's face. Now it seems impossible to wait for another 8 hours to catch up the episode. 

Ratings- 4.5/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Tue Apr 28, 2015 3:11 pm

Fun Episode! Ananya is a true entertainer. Wish we had such reporters in reality as well. Kabir is a charmer. Love his reactions on Ananya's talks. Over all a great episode with love struck love struck

Rating- 5/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:46 pm

wow....what the fabulous reviews.... I rate it 5/5
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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 9 Reviews   

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Episode- 9 Reviews
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