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 Episode-10 Reviews

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PostSubject: Episode-10 Reviews   Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:56 am

Recap- Ananya gives the footage of the sting operation to Kabir. Both along with Khalid watch the video and are shocked to the truth of that selector. Khalid was not happy about Ananya's presence in his office but Kabir manages to convince him in his own style to let Ananya have her job back. Kabir himself interviews the selector guy and exposes him in live show. He also mentions Ananya's name giving her the credit for getting the news at the risk of her job. 
Kabir gets some leads on the driver's death news and he decide to do with the editing work and asks Ananya to be with him helping in the work and Ananya is very happy to be working with him. Richa tries to convince Ronny that he should propose Ananya if he loves him so much but he nods off saying she is happy being his friend and so is he. 
Kabir asks Malvika for a dinner date to which she agrees.

Yet another great episode. The best part of the episode is the simplicity in the way each scene is shot and presented. Nothing over the top and very realistic scenes. Something that any individual could relate to. Ananya finally got her job back and loved the way Kabir tries to convince Khalid about her job. His dialogues are really awesome and the way Rajeev enacts the whole scene is simply super awesome. Ananya is all happy happy and how sweetly she asks Kabir for the credit and the way he acknowledges her was sooooooo sweet. Loved his gestures. That mysterious look in his eyes as he watches Ananya celebrate with his friends was something weird. He speaks in all riddles about his life. Love that too.
But Kabir on a dinner date with Malvika? Yeh toh too much ho gaya! She knows all the games the tricks Manav is upto still she is so much concerned about him and calls him 'Roota hua bachcha' lol! That was so true. Manav is a real cribbing child.
And now finally Kabir and Ananay will be working together for one story and that will be a treat to watch. That one scene where both of them are together in the studio and Kabir asks her to sit and work with him, I loved Ananya's expressions. She was soooooo happy.
Loving their chemistry. I'm sure the coming episode will have some more such fun moments. In all it was another awesome episode.

Ratings for this episode: 4/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-10 Reviews   Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:23 am

Thank you for adding that quick recap.

Interesting track going on. Glad the show is going on so very well and has hooked us all with each episode. So far Kabir is killing it and i am loving it. Rajeev is the real star of the show and i am simply enjoying watching him play this bossy role.
Ananya is going ga ga about Kabir and he too is secretly loving the attention. 

Quite entertaining episode. 
A 3.5/5 from me for this episode
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PostSubject: Re: Episode-10 Reviews   Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:31 am

Totally in love with Rajeev's expressions. The poise and attitude he has simply leaves everyone asking for more. Watching him can't shift my eyes on any other character so to understand the story I have to watch it once more. Being a Rajeevian you just can't stop drooling on this handsome hunk.

The episode was nice. Loving the story so far and really happy that the makers are leaving upto the expectations without loosing the charm of the show or rather the theme of the show unlike what we often see on most of the other shows in telly these days.

Kabir and Ananya's fun lil chemistry is really sweet. Just a simple sweet boss employee relation and love the dialogues as well. As mentioned by Ayesha here they do seem realistic. 

Ratings: 4/5
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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode-10 Reviews   Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:40 am

Loving Rajeev to the core!
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PostSubject: Re: Episode-10 Reviews   

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Episode-10 Reviews
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