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 Episode 21 Reviews

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PostSubject: Episode 21 Reviews   Sat May 16, 2015 1:03 am


Ananya's brother Aarman gets arrested in the police raid. Richa, Ronnie Sunny and Ananya goes to police station where the inspector tells them that they cannot allow them to meet Aarmaan. Inspector Khurana, who is the incharge of the case, recognizes Ananya and tels Kabir about Aarman. Kabir comes to the police station and helps Aarman. Ananya comes to thank Kabir but Kabir tells her to leave and that he will always remember what she did today. He tells her to grow up. 


Ananya comes to her house where Aarmaan is waiting for her. Ananya tells Aarmaan that she knows he is not involved but he should be more careful with the people he is with as he is her responsibility and if anything happens to him , his mother won't be able to bear it. Aarman tells her that Kabir had told him the same, Ananya asks him what else Kabir told him. Aarmaan tells her that he spoke to him for about 5 minutes but he never asked him if he was guilty or not. He trusted him and told him that he should think about his mother and be careful next time. Ananya tells him that Kabir believed in him that he is innocent. Ananya's mother comes there and asks Ananya what are they talking about. Ananya handles the situation saying that they were talking about today's raid. Her mother tells her about Mahi's mother, how she tried to get her daughters back before she went missing. Ananya tells her that Mahi's mom is coming there tomorrow. Mahi reacts to this as she doesn't want to face her. 

Ananya is getting ready for office when Mahi's mother come there. Mahi gets emotional and they all share a very emotional moment. At KKN every one is in the editorial meeting, deciding what to be shown all day. Ananya comes late but Kabir ignores her. Ananya tells Kabir that she has a very emotional story about Mahi and her mother. Kaibir refuses to run the story in his show and tells her to give her story to some entertainment channel. Manav supports Ananya and questions Kabir. Kabir tries to explain him but he behaves stubborn. Kabir tells him to run the story on his 8 p.m show. Khalid agrees to it and tells Manav to do the story on his show. 

Malvika tells Manav that she should stop creating problems among the KKN staff as it will be a problem for Khalid, Manav, Kabir and herself. Manav tells her that Kabir is not pat of the KKN family. Ananya is upset on Kabir's cold behavior towards her. Ronnie tells her that she should realise that Kabir may be her hero but she is just a normal reporter to him. Manav comes and asks Ananya for her permission to do some final editing in the story. Ananya tells him that he is running the story so its on him how to edit it. 

Today's episode was a bit slow and boring as it was mostly about office politics and usual stuff. Amanv has decided to criticize KAbir for everything he does or plans to do. Anaya's desperation to prove herself worthy was not that highlighted and it was more as if a guilty student is trying to get the attention of his mentor and the mentor is deliberately pushing her to face the problems and negativity of life herself so that she can realise his worth. Kabir was again great in his role as the sour editor in chief whose chair is being questioned again and again. But my complaint to the episode is that it had only one scene of Kabir which is a sheer torture and injustice to us, Rajeevianz broken heart broken heart broken heart

Jane se Pehle-

Jara gaur kijiyega, Kismat aur khabar ka bahut hi ajeeb rishta hota hai. Kabhi kismat se khabar mil jati hai aur kabhi kabhi khabar se kismat badal jati hai

Rating- 3/5
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 21 Reviews   Sun May 17, 2015 12:20 am

This week of reporters was nice. But I see the episodes wherein Kabir is shown only for a few mins are quite thanda while the others are quite hot! lol!! 

This episode had some real predictable moments and at some point it was a bit boring. 
Talking about the characters so here Ananya now is trying to make up for her mess while Kabir as we all know is tough nut to crack so she will have to try harder. 

Ananya decides to give up her story to Manav and he wants to add up little spice to make the story more impactful. I somehow feel even he will mess up something or may be they will loose their trp or something like that. That's just a guess. 

One thing I like about this show is that all the cases are short and precise. No topic/issues are simply dragged in names of drama for the sake of stretching the episodes. I hope the Mahi Arora case is not stretched as well. 

I'll go with your ratings. 3/5 for this episode.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 21 Reviews   Sun May 17, 2015 12:20 am

Episode was fine. Nothing too interesting but one cannot expect dramas everyday. There has to be some dull moments. Ananya was good but the whole Mahi's mom sequence was not at all convincing. I totally agree with Kabir there isn't much human emotions in a drug addict's story.

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 21 Reviews   Sun May 17, 2015 12:27 am

This one was a bit dull but kept up the pace of the story. In love with Kabir as this one character is such a real one and not those artificial serialistic hero types. 

Ratings 3/5
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 21 Reviews   

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Episode 21 Reviews
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