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 'Reporters': Will Ananya and Kabir Confess Love to Each Other?

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PostSubject: 'Reporters': Will Ananya and Kabir Confess Love to Each Other?   Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:51 pm

'Reporters': Will Ananya and Kabir Confess Love to Each Other?

Arielle, Special to India-West | Posted 7 hours ago

Matters of the heart are best understood and reciprocated when expressed, but somehow daily soap makers just don’t get it. In recent episode of "Reporters," Ananya (Kritika Kamra) is confused about her feelings for Kabir (Rajeev Khandelwal). He has been her inspiration for the past 8 years and she idolizes him, but when it changed to love or whether it has changed to love or not is still a mystery.

On the other hand, Kabir also has feelings for Ananya. He wants to be a friend, guide, support system and love, but this is something he is not ready to accept even to himself. When Kabir sees Rony (Puru Chibber) with Ananya, he gets jealous and irritated without understanding why. His friend and ex-intern Tarini (Alefia Kapadia) tells Kabir that he should tell her how he feels and take it seriously. He should not deny himself the happiness he deserves.

Well Kabir as usual hears her out but doesn't do anything about it. In the upcoming episode, Kabir leaves for Singapore without so much as a word with Ananya, and of course the poor girl is disheartened. Ananya is confused whether expressing her love for Kabir is a smart choice or not. She loves him, but with Kabir’s past, his divorce and the gazillion women he courts, she is unsure that telling him would be the right thing to do.

Sources claim since the TRP report of Sony TV’s "Reporters" is not as good as expected. Hence the makers decided to start the love angle and speed up things before it gets any worse. For the past two weeks the show has been constant with 0.2 rating. How much worse can it get now?
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PostSubject: Re: 'Reporters': Will Ananya and Kabir Confess Love to Each Other?   Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:57 pm

Rubbish! We see all viewers talking and appreciating the show and all these media peeps talk about is the 'low trps'. So now as their so called sources say the show will end because of it low trps? But the show is a short series of 120 episodes or now even they will deny this?
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'Reporters': Will Ananya and Kabir Confess Love to Each Other?
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