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 We have a very dedicated fan base and they are loving the show : Puru Chibber

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PostSubject: We have a very dedicated fan base and they are loving the show : Puru Chibber   Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:57 pm

‘I wish Kabir and Ronnie had a face off’ – Puru Chibber

We got in touch with the suave and quirky Puru Chibber who essays the role of Ronnie in Sony TV’s popular show Reporters. Here is what he had to share with us…

How do you think has Ronnie’s character has shaped?
I think as an actor I’m immensely pleased with how the character has evolved. In just 60 episodes I have portrayed such emotions. I have been friends , I have been in love and then been sarcastic and finally coming to terms with the truth. I’m really happy with the character.

Ronnie and Kabir are two most important men in Ananya’s life. Will there be a face of?
I wish this was to reach the channel or the production house. I would love for there to be a scene like this. So far , we have not shot any such scenes.

Fans feel that Ronnie and Richa will make a great couple. Can we see romance kindling there?
This would have been possible had Reporters been an infinite show.  We have already hit the halfway mark in terms of the episodes. The focus is to make sure that all the stories reach a conclusion. So, Ronnie and Richa are not happening (Laughs!)
Would you personally want Ronnie to have a love interest in the show?
Like I said it is not possible since it is a finite show. It will be out of character for Ronnie to move on so quickly. He still loves Ananya but she friend-zoned him. He is a supportive friend and has made peace with Ananya’s decision to date Kabir.

Do the low TRP’s affect you as an actor?
Initially of course we all felt bad and slightly disheartened. Now that we meet the fans and we get feedback on the Internet we realize it is a well loved show. We have a very dedicated fan base and they are loving the show. As an actor it is  such a high to have fans and viewers appreciate your performance.

Ankita Bhargava was expected to join the cast last week but she has not so far. Do TRP’s affect the storyline?
No, in this case it is not true. It all depends on the screenplay. At times it stretches for two episodes and alters the joining of a new actor. However, we have the screenplay now with Shreya and she joins soon.

Any specific fan encounter that you can recall?
Oh yea! This one is very interesting. I had gone with friends to Monkey Bar and a girl walked up to me. She told me how she loved me as Ronnie and then added that if I ever got into trouble I should give her a call as she is a practicing lawyer. She shared her number with me !
Who is the prankster on the sets?
We are just a mad group to hang out with it. We are constantly upto something. As such we don’t play pranks. However, I pull out my phone whenever someone is upto something and quickly record it and post it on our personal group. Everyone knows if something goes wrong on the sets, Puru is to be blamed!

What have your favorite scenes been so far?
I loved the proposal scene. It was my first rain sequence and was a fantastic experience. I like all my emotional scenes with Kritika. We are both from Delhi and get along really well!

How similar are you to your on screen character ?
I feel we both have a good heart and can be sarcastic when we want to be. Other than that I feel I’m very different from Ronnie. If I loved a girl I wouldn’t have given up so easily. I would have fought for her and probably would get her as well.

What has been your most expensive purchase?
I’m a spendthrift. I don’t think I have ever stuck to the budget when I go out shopping. I don’t know but I always end up liking the most expensive thing in the shop. My mother recently surprised me with a car and she got it to the sets of Reporters.

Do you think finite shows have a future in India?
I’m hoping they work. As an actor I have been associated with mainly finite shows and they are so rewarding. Crispy story lines and well etched out characters! It will take time but I feel people should keep trying. I know so many actors who want to be a part of Reporters and a similar series.
Don’t forget to catch him and rest of the ‘Reporters’ on Sony TV at 9pm Monday to Friday!
Writer: Medha P.
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PostSubject: Re: We have a very dedicated fan base and they are loving the show : Puru Chibber   Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:24 am

Nice article! Thanks for sharing
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We have a very dedicated fan base and they are loving the show : Puru Chibber
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