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 ‘Launching Reporters during IPL was a mistake’ , says Bikramjeet Kanwarpal

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PostSubject: ‘Launching Reporters during IPL was a mistake’ , says Bikramjeet Kanwarpal   Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:24 pm

‘Launching Reporters during IPL was a mistake’ , says Bikramjeet Kanwarpal

Bikramjeet Kanwarpal is a powerhouse of talent and has proved his mettle by essaying various roles of substance. He is currently playing the shrewd Khalid on Sony TV’s Reporters and has been applauded profusely for his performance. spoke to the voluble Bikramjeet about his passion for acting and his journey so far….
You were in the Army and now you are an actor. How do you explain the switch?
As a child I was passionate about acting. I acted in the school plays and even directed a few plays. My father is from the Army and he wanted one of his sons to follow in his footsteps. I served in the Army for 12 years but then I decided to follow my love for acting.

You portray the character of Khalid on Reporters. How would you describe him?
If I have to describe him in one word ,  I would say ‘Chanakya’. He knows what cards to play and when. He has been crystal clear about his priority and for him his priority is his channel. He will not have anyone jeopardize it. For him Kabir as a person holds no value , it is what he delivers that matters to him. He is a fairly shrewd guy. Right now he knows Shreya is the business head and his loyalties will slightly shift.

Viewers love the ‘Khalid-Kabir’duo. What is your take on it?
Kabir and Khalid are fairly alike. Kabir wants to excel professionally and wants to get somewhere. Khalid has always kept his channel as his priority and as long as the two goals are aligned there is no problem. Khalid allows Kabir a lot of liberties because Kabir gets viewership for the channel.

Shreya’s entry has caused a lot of ripples in KKN. How are the dynamics expected to change?
Shreya has just come in and a lot will unfold in the coming weeks. Malvika will get a jolt because she will feel that she has not done enough in life. Now there will be two people namely Shreya and Kabir at the helm of affairs. Kabir and Ananya’s relationship status will be what we call as ‘It’s complicated’. Kabir and Khalid have always shared a camaraderie and viewers will continue to see the banter as the show progresses.

What have been your favouite scenes to shoot so far?
There have been many scenes. I absolutely loved the scene with Ananya where we had ‘Main Is channel ki saas hun’ dialouge. It came out beautifully. Most of the scenes with Rajeev are a delight to shoot. He gives you all the room as an actor to work with. There is a scene that I shot recently with Megha. Khalid basically tells Malvika to keep her ego in check and I feel that once it airs , the viewers will certainly like it.

We don’t see much of you in the photographs posted by your co actors. How do you unwind?
I’m running against the clock. I barely have any time to unwind. I’m working on a comedy script. However, I must say that people get along really well on the sets and there is no backbiting what so ever. Goldie Behl is a sport and is game to get together for drinks or dinner post the shoot. Rajeev has a superb sense of humor and his one liners on the sets are hilarious. He barely has time as scripts and other commitments keep him busy.

Do you feel that Khalid’s character is under utilized in the show and there should be more screen space for him?
At times, I do feel that may be they should use more of Khalid but then he plays the Admin Head and he can do only so much. Also , the writers think that may be various love triangles and quadrangles will help boost TRPs. I’m happy with what I have been doing.

Lastly, why do you think that despite a great show it has not been able to really gain steam where TRPs are concerned?
This is totally my personal take and I feel that launch of the show was miscalculated. We launched the show during the IPL and by the time IPL finished the audience felt that they couldn’t connect with the characters as they had evolved over that 45 days period. IPL doesn’t quite affect the existing shows as they have a dedicated audience but it backfires when it comes to a new show.

Watch the drama unfold on Reporters at 9PM (Monday-Friday) on Sony TV!
Writer: Medha P.
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PostSubject: Re: ‘Launching Reporters during IPL was a mistake’ , says Bikramjeet Kanwarpal   Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:40 pm

^^ Not just IPL,the timeslot,the channel too is! 
Sony is also at fault as they air CID all day so people don't prefer switching to that channel. But I really don't understand why people don't watch Sony? They had brought YRF shows which were mindblowing but that too failed.

Now coming to reporters I had personally felt the show targeted youth audience so the perfect timeslot would have been 10/10.30 or even 11PM when 9PM slot was announced!

9PM slot has it's demerits
1) Not many must have returned from office,so what they do?Catch it online or give it a miss.
2) The youth who are at home can't access TV because either of their parents must be watching news or gharelu soap! At hostels I know youths (girls) are crazy for Kumkum Bhagya & I really wonder how & why? And Ashoka is going great too!

He spoke his mind. Loved every bit of the interview! applause
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‘Launching Reporters during IPL was a mistake’ , says Bikramjeet Kanwarpal
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