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PostSubject: I TOO HAVE WATCHED PIRATED FILMS: RAJEEV   Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:25 am

Anjali Shetty

He is your quintessen tial actor -good looks, a toned body, appreciable acting abilities and a great smile. However, you still don't get to see enough of Rajeev Khandelwal on television or cinema. The reason: He is not here just for the fame or money but to fulfil his quest as an actor and do stuff that is appealing to him. In town to promote his upcoming film Fever, Rajeev spoke to us about film piracy, his Pune connection and more. Excerpts:
Your last film released in 2014. What kept you away from films after that?

A script or film proposal is sent to me on mail. I request people to send me a gist and only if I find it interesting, I take it forward.Sometimes, if I am excited about a project, then I prefer a meeting and take a narration. I am not addicted to fame and popularity .I like doing regular things like a normal person. After the release of Fever, I may just take a month off. I can easily switch off and on.The idea is to condition oneself. I have money, recognition and work now but it may not be the same 10 or 20 years down the line. So, I believe in being prepared. I cannot just run round the clock and work.

But, don't you think out of mind is out of sight. Aren't you sceptical about people forgetting you?

I survived for 14 years and have learned from my career graph. I was advised by many people on several things, but I did the complete opposite. I am a very secure person. I don't regret any of the decisions I have taken and want to be answerable for my actions.I am happy I listened to my gut instinct. I won't call myself a risk-taker, but I don't play safe either. Playing safe is the most risky thing ever.

Tell us about your connection with Pune

I love this city. It kept me sane and going even when I was struggling in Mumbai.

My brother used to be here and I would come down to visit him once a month.Those visits made my Mumbai stay easier. I would get down at Chandani Chowk and walk down to National Defence Academy (NDA). This walk helped me forget my hectic travel from Goregaon (East) to Tardeo. Now, Pune is a must stop, on my way to Goa, which is every three months. We stop to have kombdi vade for breakfast here.

What's your take on Marathi cinema? Are you keen on experimenting?

Today, Marathi cinema has a global reach and approach. I would definitely want to take it up, if an interesting offer comes by.The actors from the industry are extremely talented and I would love to work with them. I watched Natsamrat twice and know all the dialogues by heart.

Film industries have been facing issues with the Censor board and from piracy markets, of late.

Honestly, the Censor board should act like a watchdog and not like a school prin cipal. They are making fools out of themselves with unnecessary actions.Everyone is smart enough to know what they are portraying. So, the board should show us a way and not dictate terms. On the other hand, piracy is something we need to tackle on an immediate basis. I too have watched pirated films thinking it won't affect anyone. Now, I realise the difference it makes. Eventually, piracy will eat up the entire film-making business.

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