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 From national to international show

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From national to international show Empty
PostSubject: From national to international show   From national to international show EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 3:16 pm

From national to international show
October 3, 2011,DELHI
From national to international show _de03_10
RAJEEV KHANDELWAL: All set to host a new show on the world of cars.

My knowledge about cars will gradually increase while hosting the international show, Rajeev Khandelwal tells Madhur Tankha.....

In complete contrast to his earlier, controversial show Sach Ka Samna, actor Rajeev Khandelwal is now going to provide a wealth of information on the science and technology behind cars in a new international show.

Rajeev chose to host Nat Geo Super Cars that goes on the air on National Geographic Channel from October 10 for the simple reason that he grew up reading the National Geographic magazine. “I have been a huge fan of the magazine. In fact, my dad used to subscribe to it. After reading a few pages and staring at its colourful and insightful pictures, I would get transported to another world. The magazine's unique selling point is that it highlights the cultural heritage and wildlife of virtually every country on the planet.”

Talking about the upcoming show, Rajeev says he immediately gave the nod when he was approached by National Geographic Channel. “The unique format of the show also tempted me to host the show. The channel's international reputation was also on my mind. I want to stress the same values that National Geographic stands for.”

Describing National Geographic as a treatise on the cultural heritage of every continent, Rajeev says it is almost like religion for all those who want to preserve the rich bio-diversity and the flora and the fauna of the universe. “I am just the face of the series that deals with cars but that it comes from the stables of the National Geographic Channel is special. Frankly speaking, my knowledge about cars is limited and my general knowledge about these amazing cars will gradually increase while hosting the show. Personally I love going on long drives in my sports utility vehicle. Through this show, I will get to drive different four-wheelers.”

Noting that the international supercar series reveals the art of manufacturing some of the finest international cars, Rajeev says cars sought after by automobile enthusiasts like those on FIA Formula One World Championship will be seen in the series. “We will discuss the process that goes into the making of these high-end automobiles like the Lamborghinis racing bull and the Maseratiun. The series will focus on international cars like the Lamborghini Murciélago, the Porsche GT3, the Audi R8 and the Rolls-Royce Phantom.”

For Rajeev it was fun hosting the show Sach Ka Saamna that generated plenty of controversy and became notorious for exposing the contestants' private lives before the whole world, especially their family members. “I liked hosting the show but the first part of the show is over. Let us see when it comes in its second innings.”

The actor is also pinning his hopes on an unusual film, Soundtrack, in which he has got an opportunity to play the challenging role of a musician who goes deaf. “Before playing the part, I imagined how a musician who is at the pinnacle of his career would feel when he starts losing his hearing. It would have been a maddening experience for anyone, especially for someone who earns his livelihood out of singing.”

Noting that the film is about booze, drugs and sex, Rajeev says the sort of bohemian lifestyle that Raunak Kaul, his character, leads eventually results in his downfall. “In the first half, Raunak seams to have shades of Elvis Presley but not towards the later half. However, the more appropriate historical character is Beethoven, who went deaf. Michael Jackson was not our reference point.”

In real life, Rajeev says he never touched alcohol or did drugs because he was a narcissist during his college days. “I was so madly in love with myself that I could not do something that I detested. Taking drinks or drugs were below my self-esteem and I never allowed myself to get tempted by them.”

Working with talented Soha Ali Khan was an interesting experience for the actor for more reasons than one. “Despite being senior to me in the acting profession, she never behaved like a senior. Having worked with her, I can say that Soha is a hard-working and committed actor.”

As Soundtrack is a musical film, there are 12 songs in it. To physically match his fictitious character, Rajeev worked regularly at the gym and lost nearly three kg weight. Unlike other actors, Rajeev was never enamoured of the film world. But he has some fond memories of watching national, regional and international films in different cities where his father, who was in the Army, was posted. “I was not a film buff then and even now I am not.”

Instead, Rajeev cultivated a passion for writing and started working on documentaries. “I also did modelling but it was a stop-gap arrangement as I wanted to explore my luck in Bollywood.”

On hindsight, Rajeev has no regrets for playing Dr. Aamir Ali in his critically acclaimed debut film Aamir or playing ACP Arvind Mathur in Shaitan. “Whatever films and television shows I have done, I am proud of them.”

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From national to international show
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