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Seven year itch
DNJAI56897 | 12/4/2015 | Author : Swapna Sarita Mohanty

After a separation of seven years, city-based actor Rajeev Khandelwal is all set to make a comeback on Indian television with Reporters

Rajeev Khandelwal aka Sujal of Ekta Kapoor’s Kahiin to Hoga made a million hearts flutter took a sabbatical after essaying Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat in Left Right Left only to make a comeback with Reporters, a limited edition television series where he plays Kabir Sharma, the news head of a channel. During an engaging interaction with After Hrs, he went candid about the deliberate separation from TV and more. Excerpts:

Seven years of separation
The search for excellent and challenging script had made me keep a deliberate distance from television. While I was doing Left Right Left, I realised that the script was becoming monotonous and I wanted a break. Post that I was offered no such role that could challenge the actor
in me. It was the story line of ‘Reporters’, which was something very different and really interesting, which compelled me to say yes to this project.  Also, it was of limited episodes. I know what the ending will be like and not like serials which are dragged unwantedly.
Although I was busy completing two of my movies so I had asked for some time, as I wanted to do justice with one character that I was playing rather than looking very confused on screen, yet they waited. Besides this show is of limited episode, so I felt I could do justice
to it.

Character study
Well I will accept that, this is a character for which I have least researched. For, I believe that each one of us have that reporter within ourselves.  The daily exposure to newspaper and channels and seeing the reporters in air has saturated us to such an extent that in our subconscious each one of us can do justice with the character that I am playing. But, yes, I did undergo a few workshops to get into the skin of the character.

Sensational kiss
After rejecting almost 15-20 promos, we came across this promo where Kritika and I are seen kissing each other and later Kritika slaps me and I as a news anchors tell viewers that, this is what every woman should do and this is what each men who forces himself on a woman deserves. It was more of a social message but few people tried sensationalising it by uploading the first half of the promo, but I was very cool about it because I knew that when the second half would be uploaded they would look foolish!  But then this video has broken all records (chuckles)

Journey to stardom
Well I have never thought of the appreciation that I am getting. It doesn’t bother me whether I am doing television, Bollywood or Hollywood, for me everything is the same. The only thing which matters to me is the different characters that I get to play. What matters to me is that years down the line, when I look back, I should feel proud of the characters that I have essayed on the screen.

source :DNA

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Seven Year ITCH
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