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 Episode 19 Reviews

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PostSubject: Episode 19 Reviews   Episode 19 Reviews EmptyWed May 13, 2015 11:54 pm


Every one at KKN is happy that soon they will reach the number one slot. Khalid is planning to throw a party for everyone at KKN for the celebration. But Ananya tells Kahlid that the news about Mahi was a false lead and there was no one there. Khalid is furious and blames Kabir for trusting her. Kabir drags Ananya to his cabin and asks her the truth. Ananya tells him that she doesn't want to run the news as Mahi is not in the condition that she could be brought to KKN and interviewed. Kabir tells her he will run the news tonight, with or without her.


Ananya is upset that everyone including Kabir is trying to use Mahi to increase the trp of his channel. Ronnie and Richa tries to console her but she says that she has not taken journalism as a profession to sell news and people, she wanted to help others and fight for truth. Kabir calls Lakshman and asks him about Mahi, Lakshman tells him that she is at Ananys's home. Kabir instructs him what to do next. ( Mr. Sharma at work woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo I love this man when he does this secret moves act, supercool drooling drooling drooling)

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Khalid calls Ananaya to his office and tries to convince her to get Mahi, but Ananya refuses telling him that she will no go against her humanity and won't let them use Mahi for their business. Khalid looses his temper and tells her that none of the news channels gives their junior reporter so much freedom and liberty as KKN, he reminds Ananya that she was given 2 lacks, she asked for, without any question an now she was not ready to share the news.  Ananya tells Khalid that she will return his money by tomorrow. Malvika tries and talk to Ananya but she doesnt listen to her and tells her that she cannot overlook her humanity for her job and her loyalty towards the channel. Malvika tells Khalid that Ananya is just like Kabir, stubborn. 

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Kabir tells Richa to get ready with her OVR vans as they have to do a live report. Ananya's mom calls her and tells her that Aarman is not yet home. Ronnie tells Mananv that Kabir has told him to announce the next breaking news in his bulletin, but Manav ignores him. Angry Malvika confronts Manav to which he insults her infront of the whole office and tells her that he is over her and moved on so even she should move on and get over this relationship. Manav appreciates Ananya for her stand she has taken for Mahi and tells her not to expect any support from anyone in the office. (Just imaging that Amanav giving gyaan to Ananya, Where was this gyaan ki batein when he was digging his big nose in Kabir's personal life. But now I really want to see what Malvika does to her Amanav.)

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Episode 19 Reviews CE5l0iKUgAARMsB

Its news time, Kabir starts his bulletin with his breaking news without Mahi, instead he shows live coverage of  raid on a rave party where police arrests Baadshah. Ananya is amused to see the news. (Bravo Mr. Sharma, you did it again. dancing dancing dancing dancing I simply love this man he has a backup plan for everything cheer cheer cheer cheer )

The episode was fine with not much drama in it. Ananya's humanity act was going a bit overboard. I mean give it a break this matter could have been solved peacefully without all this melodrama. Much senior people are sitting there in the channel, they could have decided how to present the news. Kabir's back up plan was the usp as it kept everyone guessing till the end. No one even thought that he could do something like this. While every one was sticking and mourning over the Mahi news, Kabir hit the jackpot with his brains and quick act. 

Rating- 3.5/4
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 19 Reviews   Episode 19 Reviews EmptyThu May 14, 2015 10:38 am

It was a lil thanda episode. Sticking to his words he aired that news and became hero. But this Khalid just couldnt trust his abilities. One such incident and he doesnt even thinks twice before passing on any judgement even about Kabir. 

Overall nice one.
Ratings: 3/5
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 19 Reviews   Episode 19 Reviews EmptyThu May 14, 2015 7:08 pm

Not that engaging episode for sure.

In the previous episode when Kabir had said ronnie only to prepare promos  not an AV i was sure that until 9 he won't reveal about that model. Very clever thus he lived up to his promise.

Post the 1st break I actually thought what if live telecast would happen from outside of Ananya's home. Gosh! gald nothing such an act was done. I had guessed may be his khabri Laxman had clicked her pics. But noooo seems  i was wrong :(

Then Ananya's mother told Ananya that Armaan had not returned &  I was wondering why this Armaan guy's name is being taken so many times. So it may be my wild guess but it can be possible that he gets stuck where the raid was done by the police. Hence one more conflict would arise between Anaya & Kabir as she would get to know that it was planned by Kabir to save the reputation of the channel. Might be or might not be let's see what happens. Yeasterday it seemed the show was aired for lesser time. Anyone else noticed? Or Kabir was shown less so i felt that? :))

Jane se pehle quote was brilliant,that made up the episode for me!
Hope next week is better!

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Group- RKian

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 19 Reviews   Episode 19 Reviews EmptyThu May 14, 2015 7:18 pm

Yesterday episode was very nyc love Kabir's  presence of mind great episode love u RK
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 19 Reviews   Episode 19 Reviews Empty

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Episode 19 Reviews
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