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 Episode- 59 (Update/Review)

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PostSubject: Episode- 59 (Update/Review)   Episode- 59 (Update/Review) EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 2:22 am


Kabir tells Ananya not to do anything that would make their relation obvious in the office. Ronnie realizes that something is cooking between Kabir & Annaya. Kabir announces farewell dinner for Trisha. Malvika gets to know from the peon that Kabir had come to office to meet Ananya leaving the conference. 


Kabir is about to leave from KKN when Malvika asks him if he can drop her home as she didn't want to go alone today (After luncheons and dinner now its life from Kabir. I am not sure is she is the real daughter of K.L. I mean who does this? More than irritating she is now getting cheap rolling eyes rolling eyes). Kabir turns her down by saying that he has to meet his stinger who was going to Srilanka and so has to rush to the airport. Ronnie observes Kabir throughout the conversation and realizes that its was just an alibi.( Go Ronnie Go you are the only sensible man in KKN. I hated him till last week but this week's Ronnie is a super darling. Loved the way he has stopped irritating and sulking over Ananya's rejection) .

Kabir pretends to find something while his eyes were looking for Ananya. Ananya signals him to go as she is coming. Ronnie notices this and teasingly tries to stop Ananya to check her reaction. (Dekho sham hone ayi, Mausam ne li angrai tu chal main ayiiiiiii sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy). Ananya tells Ronnie she is going to meet Tinu as he has some important lead on some underworld people. Ronnie tells her he cannot leave her alone on such dangerous lead and so will come with her. Ananya rushes out telling him she will be fine. 

Kabir drops a sulking Ananya to her home. She complains for reaching so soon to which Kabir tells her if she wants they can take a longer route to home. Ananya saya he doesn't  mean it. Kabir tells her that he means everything, its just that he has to reach home as Anurag is waiting for him. ( AWWW!! now thats the advantage of having a sweet and matured boyfriend. He takes care of everything and everyone including you. You don't ever miss anything love struck love struck love struck
Ananya asks him who is Anurag. Kabir tells her he is Tarini's brother., he tells her that this is why he wants her to know about his past, but Ananya denies saying that she doesn't want to know anything now as right now she wants to live in his present and future not his past. Kabir smiles and tells her 'Kal milte hai" Ananya asks him if he will pick her tomorrow. Kabir denies and she gets upset. Kabir tells her that he loves her that is important but there are things which are more important like their career so they have to take it slow. ( crying crying crying crying crying  why why? everyone has a personal life and a professional life. People like Malvika are responsible for these work place taboos. I can smell danger already. They are gonna use these small things to make life difficult for KaYa. Seriously wanna kill Malvika and Manav before they can harm them. Any one interested in joining me?) 

Next day Ananya comes to office where Ronnie is already waiting for her. He asks her why didn't she text him after reaching home. Before Ananya could reply Kabir also entered in and wished them good morning. Ananya goes after Kabir and to cover up Kabir starts talking to her about some made up lead. Ronnie smiles at them and leaves. Kabir tells Ananya what was she doing. Ananya asks him why did he wish her so formally. Kabir asks her so  what was shona" Kabir is amused of her & goes in saying"You are crazy" (Poor Kabir, Kaha he had maintained his image of sadu boss and this girl was making him do school time romance batting eyelashes batting eyelashes batting eyelashes)

Ananya gets a message from Trisha that Ronnie is suspiscious of her relationship with Kabir. She gets scared and goes to Kabir telling him about the message. Kabir increases her guilt by telling her that its a crime to hide things from best friends and she can do this even to him in future. Ananya is frustrated and leaves his cabin while Kabir is enjoying her situation. ( Kabir is being a real devil to her. If this is the real Kabir it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Ananya fight fight )

Malvika calls Ananya to her cabin and asks her whats going on between her and KAbir. She tells her that as an employee of KKN she is bound by her contract and she cannot be in any personal relation with her colleagues, Ananya reminds her of her and Manav's affair which was open to the whole office and asks her if she is not an employee of KKN. She challenges Malvika to prove her relation with Kabir before confronting her.

Ananya tells Kabir about her meeting with Malvika, Kabit although worried, ignores this and teases Ananya further. Ananya tells him that before Malvika fires her she will tell every one in the office about their relation.  

Kabir gives some work to Ronnie. Not seeing Ananya at her desk he asks Ronnie about her. Ronnie tells him that she has gone to see Malvika. Scared of what she might do, Kabir rushes towards Malvika's cabin but meets Ananya near the stairs, Ananya tells her that unlike Malvika she won't stand up on the stairs and announce her relationship instead she has her own style & she will accept her love infront of everyone and will make Kabir do the same. 

Rating- 4/5
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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 59 (Update/Review)   Episode- 59 (Update/Review) EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 4:00 pm

Episode- 59 (Update/Review) HwwLZ08
hey Rockstar yesterday's Reporters episode was so sweet totally wow wala episode just loved it loved it loved it nd love u
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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 59 (Update/Review)   Episode- 59 (Update/Review) EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 11:15 pm

AM loving this Kabir Ananya scenes they are cute, specially the expressions of KAbir are so awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode- 59 (Update/Review)   Episode- 59 (Update/Review) Empty

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Episode- 59 (Update/Review)
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