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 Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all.

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Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all. Empty
PostSubject: Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all.   Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all. EmptySun Jul 26, 2015 3:03 pm

Does Malvika know of Shreya and Kabir’s equation in Reporters?

Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all. Megha-C-300x200

Sony’s show Reporters has been talk of the telly town since its launch with its finite episodes concept. It boasts of an excellent ensemble cast and well etched out characters.The show which is well past its half way mark may not have conquered the zenith of TRP’s but has certainly managed to garner a very dedicated fan following.

Megha Chatterjee plays the character of Malvika Prasad who has off late embraced the negative shades of character. The TellyTimes spoke to her about her sudden transformation from a well balanced business woman to a woman scorned who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Megha spoke to us and informed us,” Malvika’s character did a volte face post Madhonnath track. Till then she had never considered Ananya to be a threat. Malvika always considered Ananya to be an employee and was fairly neutral towards her. After the kidnapping Kabir started giving preference to Ananya even in the work sphere and I feel that ticked her off. Also, viewers are aware that Malvika always harbored romantic feelings for Kabir. Both these factors coupled together are responsible for her deviation from a smart business woman to a sore loser.”

The fans of the show who are currently enjoying the lead couples love track will soon have to make peace with the entry of another parallel lead in the show. Ankita Bhargava will essay the protagonist Kabir Sharma’s ex wife and the new business head of KKN Channel. We asked Megha if the new entry would ruffle her feathers as well. Megha was optimistic about the new entry,” Right now, Malvika is just happy that if she can not have Kabir , she will also not let Ananya have him. She is more than happy with Shreya’s entry right now. However, with time and Shreya’s designation of Business Head there will be professional tiffs. Shreya is indirectly the boss now and it will affect Malvika eventually. Malvika, however is aware that Shreya is Kabir’s ex wife and that’s why she is persistent that Kabir signs the contract before the new owner steps in.”

Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all. Megha-Chat-300x300

Malvika has shown to be susceptible to mind games and is currently in a very vulnerable state. Will she go against Kabir to side with Manav? Megha was quick to refute the question,” I don’t think so. Malvika doesn’t trust Manav and is well aware of his intentions. She knows he was with her because of her designation and certain authority that she has in the channel. Malvika has always been in Kabir’s corner will continue to favour him. She has no issues with Kabir.”

We further quizzed her about the change in her character and how comfortable has she been with the change. She confessed that she doesn’t comprehend half the moves of her character,” Playing Malvika was a lot easier earlier. Now she has just turned into an obnoxious spoilt rich girl who is ready to jeopardize even the reputation of her channel. I could relate to Malvika in the fist 50 episodes but now she is on a different tangent all together.”

Megha has a lot of scenes with Sunny who plays Manav and we asked her about their working relationship. She replied,” We really get along well. As co-actors we find it really easy to improvise. We have a lot of fun shooting scenes together. Actually my favourite scenes are those where for a change Malvika is in control. Off late all the scenes I have shot are where I’m either upset or just playing a sore loser. I particularly liked the scene where Malvika feigns ignorance when Ananya asks about the chip. It was nice shooting that scene.”

Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all. Megha-300x300

Malvika though the owner’s daughter in the show does not boast of an enviable wardrobe. Megha explained saying that,” Unfortunately , when there are creatives involved you can only do so much. There are so many people involved in the decision making and when something gets locked you can not change it. I spoke to them about the repetitive wardrobe of skirts and shirts. They gave me a blazer to go with it( Laughs). As an actor there is only so much I can do.”

Reporters has not really set the TRP’s blazing and we asked her if that affected her morale as an actor associated with the show? She replied saying that all she felt initially was disbelief, ” I have now taken it in my stride. Initially it was disbelief because the people I met or spoke to were watching the show and knew about it. I’m just talking about my family or friends but random people who were keen followers of the show. I don’t know how the entire rating process works but I know that there are a lot of people who love the show. As an actor it doesn’t affect me.”
Keep watching Sony’s Reporters at 9PM to watch the drama unfold!
Writer: Medha P.
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Read : Megha Chatterjee's (Malvika) candind interview about Reporters & all.
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