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 Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity!

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Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity! Empty
PostSubject: Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity!   Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity! EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 1:02 pm

Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity! Rajeev1-204x300

Rajeev Khandelwal is currently essaying the character of Kabir Sharma on Sony TV’s show Reporters. Recently the viewers saw Kabir’s past unfold and the storyline caught them unawares. Treatment of his past received mixed reviews from the audience. The storyline aims at breaking the norm of an ideal Indian Television actor and the protagonist Kabir is shown to have a one night stand outside his marriage with Shreya.

We got in touch with the versatile actor and quizzed him as to what prompted him to play the character of KabirRajeev said he enjoyed the honesty of the actor,”I knew Kabir’s back-story when I picked up this project. What really drove me to the character was the fact that he is a very fallible guy. He commits mistakes and he is very human. He is a good guy who it true to people around him, who is true to his words.”

The audience had a hard time digesting the fact that despite Kabir’s infidelity, both Kabir and Tarini are on backslapping terms with each otherRajeev was quick to defend and said, ’Kabir and Tarini can be thickest of friends, no questions asked. We are all hypocrites. You are talking to the host of Sach ka Samna (Laughs!) and there is no need to be judgmental. It is essential to make someone feel respectful. “

Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity! KIRTAN-0220808188-200x300

He continued saying, “You have one night stand with your friend where she likes you and you are looking for comfort. You want to be in the arms of a woman. If you have been shunned emotionally and physically from your marriage it is natural to find solace in the arms of another woman. It is a very natural thing to do and it is very human. It is Kabir’s behavior the next day that makes him the man he is. He had the option of walking out but he realized that Tarini’s name had been dragged in the mess and he decided to redeem himself. To absolve himself of the guilt, he decided to support her and Anurag!”

We posed the very obvious question – Why not marry her? Rajeev explained the mindset of the protagonist,”You need to understand Kabir’s state of mind. He was in an emotionally abusive marriage and that had left him scarred. He stopped believing in love and relationships. However, he didn’t stop being a human!”

Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity! Rajeev-200x300

Rajeev very glibly explained the dilemma of the character he portrays. We further prodded him by asking what would have he done had he been in Kabir’s shoes? Very promptIy Rajeev replied, ”I would react in the same way. If your decision to be in a physical relationship is mutual then it is no problem. However, if I have a one night stand with someone and in the morning I feel she is guilty or upset, I would do everything in my power to make her feel good about herself. I would not do this because I’m a great guy but because this is what should be done. Contrary to what people feel, it is not a sin!”

He also mentioned that he had read a few comments where people where questioning Kabir’s commitment to the institution of marriage, ’I read a few comments where people were questioning the premise that how could Kabir cheat on his wife? I want to ask all those people if it is justified to be in a loveless emotionally abusive marriage. I’m with my wife and I make her feel like crap for a year. I don’t give her attention respect or love and then she finds comfort in another man’s arms. It is not her fault; I’m at fault here as I drove her away. People wander away because they are trying to seek something they are not getting. So, let’s not be idealistic here. I have been of the opinion that first six months of your marriage are the litmus test. If it is not working for you please separate. Don’t be governed the rules of the society. You see ten couples around you who are married and you wonder how my marriage can break. Please walk out and lead your life. Life is to be lived and society which doesn’t exist still rules our world.”
All you Reporters fan you read what your hero Rajeev Khandelwal had to say , what do you think?
Pour in your views!

Writer: Medha P.

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Rajeev Khandelwal talks about Kabir’s infidelity!
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