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 Struck by ‘Fever’

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PostSubject: Struck by ‘Fever’   Struck by ‘Fever’ EmptyFri Jul 29, 2016 12:49 pm

Struck by ‘Fever’

Rajeev Khandelwal, who made a deep impact on audience through his performances in “Aamir”, “Shaitan” and “Soundtrack” is back on the big screen after a gap. The actor is all set to reinforce confidence in his calibre through a bold performance in the upcoming suspense thriller “Fever”.
In an interaction the actor talks about his career in television and more
Is it a coincidence or design that the majority of your movies are either crime or suspense thrillers?
Neither is the case. It just transpired that the scripts I picked up from the ones offered to me, ended up being in this zone. But I need to mention that working in such movies offers you more in terms of performance. Heavy dialogues are not the prime requirement to depict the emotions in these films. My first film “Aamir” hardly had any dialogues but it offered the audience a chance to understand the actor’s thought process. Indeed, it is more challenging to prove yourself as a performer in such a film.
There is a lot to explore within the zone itself, though I am hoping to expand my bandwidth..
What made you accept “Fever”?

I keep a very fresh approach towards every script I come across. If the script does not let you sleep and tempts you to call the director to tell him that you really want to do the film, it deserves your attention and time. This script actually did all of it. It electrified me to the level that I had spent several sleepless nights. Let me get cheesy! (laughs), I actually got fever after reading this script. The story telling and the idea behind this film were enrapturing.
What made you opt for films when you were doing quite well in television?
I am just doing projects. I do not really think of the medium. The only thought I ponder over before involving my efforts and time in a project is that it should be loved and appreciated by the audience. Perhaps it is the media that draws distinction. For an artist every platform to exhibit the skill is equally worthy. I was working in television for years when “Aamir” was offered. I agreed since I found the plot really captivating. This is how it works for me.
Your TV show “Reporters” depicted the reality of media industry.
I am an actor. My job is to act according to the instruction and guidelines given by the writer and the director. If the audience felt that the show was close to reality then the writers and the directors should get the credit. As far as I am concerned, I am not gravitating towards doing realistic films or projects that intent to bring a social change. Rather a different script which the normal audience is not very used to watching is my cup of tea. I always look for substance because I want to enjoy my performance and my work.
Tell us about your experience of working in the Indo-Australian movie?
That was an experimental film meant for a film festival only. It was an attempt to explore myself as an actor. Working with an international crew was a wonderful experience. It helped me grow as an actor.

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Struck by ‘Fever’
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